Entrant Terms & Conditions

By entering GTR Festival NZ, you agree to the following:

All drivers must hold a minimum Restricted license. If you wish to have passengers in your car, you need a full license. WOF or Registration is not needed, however preferred. If you are bringing a non-wof or registered car, please ensure it’s on a trailer when arriving at the venue for your own safety and to avoid being pulled over on the roads.

Your car must pass the Safety Check to be allowed on the track. No exceptions or refunds if your car fails to meet the criteria. The Events Staff decision is final. You (the driver) must take your car and drivers License to the Safety Check area in the allocated time. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure your vehicle is properly prepared for the event (please see Safety Check page for more details).

Vehicles are preferred to have a minimum third party insurance with motorsport insurance for this event. You will be personally responsible for all costs and damage associated with injuries or damages done by you or your passengers in the event of an accident. GTR Festival, Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and the promoters accept no responsibility for any damage, theft, or loose over the weekend.

GTR Festival has zero tolerance for drivers drinking while the track is open. Random breath tests may take place over the weekend, and any driver with a blood alcohol reading of over 0.00 may have their Driver Pass removed.

All drivers are required to wear enclosed shoes while on the track. For the following sessions (Burnouts, Drag Racing, Circuit Racing), drivers are required to wear helmets and non-flammable clothing with full coverage from neck to ankles.

All drivers are to follow instructions from the GTR Festival or Hampton Downs staff.

GTR Festival will go ahead, rain or shine. The event will not be postponed or cancelled.

If you enter online prior to the event but are unable to make it to the event, your entry fee may be refunded (less $40 administration fee) if you get in contact with us via email 7 days prior the event. No refunds will be given after this date. Should you enter online and not make it to the event, you are willingly forfeiting your entry and no refund will be made. For refunds, reply back to your competitor email with the reason that you cannot attend along with your account details. Entry fee includes 1 driver and 1 vehicle only. The promoter has the right to terminate your participation at any stage over the weekend with whatever reason they see fit.

All drivers and passengers must have your correct wristbands on at all times. These are waterproof and may not be removed over the weekend. If security or staff notice wristbands have been tampered with, you will be removed from the venue, or be made to purchase another one. If your wristband is removed due to misbehaviour around the venue, no refunds or exchanges are given.

Driver passes may not be transferred, resold etc. Drivers are welcome to bring a different vehicle through registration if their original vehicle is unable to make it, however Drivers Licenses must match whats been entered online to be eligible to pick up your drivers wristband.

Passengers must sign and indemnity form and pay the gold coin for their passenger wristband before attempting to get in a car. The Driver may not get on the track unless all passengers have correct wristbands.

One driver per car only. If your mate wants to have a drive, they will need to pay the full drivers entry price to be able to drive your car. Same deal if you want to bring two cars along. You will need to register both cars separately.

Cut off for online entries is Wednesday before the event, or unless sold out prior. After this date, no more entries will be accepted online. You can however enter on the day.

Any damage caused to any property must be paid for. This includes but is not limited to Walls, Barriers, Fences, Signage, Equipment as well as fluid drop materials. Staff have the right to detain the vehicle/s in question as collateral until full payment has been made and/or the cost of clearing/cleaning will be passed on to the competitor. Drivers are responsible for their actions on and off the track. Police may be involved if required.

Any violent or antisocial behaviour by anyone inside the venue will not be tolerated. This will result in your wristbands being removed and being escorted out of the venue by security, and reported to the police if necessary with no refunds.

Any person caught driving or attempting to drive a vehicle on the track without the correct wristband or scrutineering stickers will cause the vehicle owner to loose their track access for the weekend, and stickers will be removed. Participants are responsible for your own and passengers actions/behaviours.

Entrant Indemnity:

By submitting your entry online, you hereby confirm and warrant and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions in favour, and for the benefit of, HDMP (Hampton Downs Motorsport Park), HDMPE (All Employees of Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, GTR Festival and Premier Events:

  1. I have not consumed any alcohol or other drugs or substances which may affect my ability to drive, for the period of twelve (12) hours before signing this indemnity form.

  2. I will comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations provided to me by HDMP or HDMPE at all times.

  3. I will at all times comply with the instructions of the HDMP, HDMPE and GTR Festival employees and agents.

  4. I will exercise all due care and will at all times comply with the Safety Regulations of the Hampton Downs MotorSport Park.

  5. I understand that the Hampton Downs Circuit Manager or any of their employees or agents may terminate and prohibit my access to the facility if I breach any of the terms in this indemnity form.

  6. I will be responsible for and will pay to make good any damage I may cause, whether deliberately or otherwise, to any property of Hampton Downs Motorsport Park.

  7. I will not hold HDMP, HDMPE, GTR Festival or Premier Events responsible for any damage, injury or death caused by mechanical failure or otherwise of any vehicle supplied by those parties, whether directly or through a sub-contractor, or due to the state of the Hampton Downs Circuit.

  8. I understand that in consideration of HDMP granting me permission to use the Hampton Downs Circuit I warrant all of the above and will indemnify HDMP, GTR Festival, Premier events and together with their employees, directors, officials, representatives and agents from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to person or property however caused, arising out of or in connection with my use of a vehicle and the Hampton Downs Circuit, including claims by third parties, notwithstanding that such claims may have been contributed to by the fault or negligence of HDMP, HDMPE, GTR Festival and Premier Events.

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