Cruising Sessions

As per the Covid-19 rules, no spectators or passengers will be allowed at this stage. You can get other entrants to join as a passengers in your vehicle.

Cruising sessions are your opportunity to hit the track with your mates as passengers. You will be taken out in groups over the weekend and get the chance to cruise along side your mates or rivals. There will be no stopping, drifting or burnouts during this session, however short power skids are alowed and even encouraged!

Passenger sessions will go out in groups. For example, show quality cars will go out together, old school classics will go out in another group, the fastest and most powerful will go out in another and so on. We will also be hosting a supercar session on Sunday.

For the passenger sessions, you do not need a helmet as it is not a competitive, high speed event. The only safety gear you’ll need is a seatbelt which must be worn at all time. There will be areas where you will need to slow down on the track so please be mindful of these. There will be a drivers briefing in the morning to explain these to you.

The passenger sessions are definitely one of the drivers and passengers highlights for the event!

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