Safety Check

Every vehicle has to complete a basic Safety Check before you are allowed out on the track. This is for your safety, and the safety of those around you on the track. Scrutineering will take place on Saturday Morning. Once your car has passed, you’ll receive your vehicle registration number/stickers/Wristband and you will have access to the track.


Saturday 15 June 2019: 8am - 11:30am

If you miss out on registration/safety check times, you will not be allowed onto the track. No exceptions and no refunds!

Here is a basic checklist that will be checked for upon entry.

All Vehicles:

  • Brake Lights

  • Indicators (not required for dedicated track cars)

  • Legal thread on the tyres

  • Battery Clamps (Must be secured and not able to move, even if it's in a battery box).

  • Fuel Leaks

  • Oil Leaks

  • Wheel Nuts secured

  • Seat belts (A seatbelt is required for all drivers and passengers out on the track. Even the vehicles from the factory without a seat belt, it should have one installed).

  • Noise Limit (All tracks have noise limits and you are to obey by the track limits. If your car exceeds the limits then you will be asked to rectify this and if still persists then you won’t be allowed at the event with no refunds)
  • Firewall

  • Structural Damage
  • Door Cards
  • Headlights (this is a requirement for all vehicles wanting to participate in the Twilight Sessions. If you are a dedicated track car with no headlights, you will still pass scrutineering, however you want be allowed on track after 5pm).

Race Cars:

  • Racesuit (100% cotton or whatever you race with at a standard racing event)

  • Approved helmet and footwear

  • Rollcages

  • All cars with a modified engine must have an overflow bottle and oil catch can if one isn't already fitted

Mirror Tints

Mirror tints are ok for drifting only, however if you want to go out cruising, you'll need to either open your windows, or remove the driver and passenger front window tints. Nothing allowed on the front windscreen.

Personal Safety:

Cruising Sessions

  • Seatbelts (No seat belt, No track time)

  • Enclosed Shoes

  • No neck brace is required

Drag Racing/Roll Racing Sessions

  • Seatbelts (No seat belt, No track time)

  • Enclosed Shoes

  • Long sleeved top and pants

  • Helmet

  • Foam Neck Brace - For vehicles fitted with a standard lap and diagonal 3-point belt system a Foam roll/collar types is acceptable.

Racecar/Drifting Sessions

  • Seatbelts/Harnesses

  • Enclosed Shoes

  • Racesuit (100% cotton or whatever you race with at a standard racing event)

  • Approved helmet

  • HANS Device - For vehicles which have a 4 point harness or great, there are various tethered devices available including Hans, NecksGen REV, Impact Accel or Simpson Hybrid. These are acceptable for Hampton Downs Auckland event only


  • Unless approved by event staff on the day, passengers are only allowed into the cruising sessions (Drive Your Mates - DYM).

  • If approved, passengers must be wearing the same safety gear as required by the driver (see above).

  • If you want to try take passengers in the Drifting Sessions, you must have a full weld in roll cage, fixed back seats and harnesss as well as same safety equipment as the driver.
  • Track Staff reserve the right to remove passengers if safety is an issue prior to you getting out on the track.
  • No passengers allowed for Roll Racing.

Please take the time to check over your car and gear prior to the event to make sure you get out on the track without any problems.

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